Welcome to the website of The Stewartry Camera Club

The club is based in Ringford, Dumfries & Galloway, SW Scotland, and we are home to a bunch of keen photographers from all over Galloway, who range from those just starting to develop their skills, to seasoned professionals.

We always welcome new members so feel free to come along and try us out or contact us for more information at  stewartrycameraclub@gmail.com or 07495 815011


The objective of The Stewartry Camera Club is to encourage the enjoyment and advancement of the art and practice of photography and to provide opportunities for the development of the knowledge and skills of members.

The membership has a wide range of expertise and we are happy to share that with visitors and members who are new to photography through our meetings and events.


The Stewartry Camera Club is believed to have been formed in the 1930s, but we know for certain that it reformed in the early 1960s, and has encouraged several generations since then.


At the Annual SCC Dinner on 27th March 2019, the final results of the 2018-19 competition season were announced. Alwyn Howes was this year’s judge for best monochrome, most innovative, best landscape, best overall print and best digital image and presented each of the winners with their trophies. He also presented the winners of the 2 competition groups with their trophies.

Award Winners  :-

Marsden Cup (Best Mono) – Alison Cresswell
Rees Shield (Most Innovative) – Alec Blackadder
Stansfield Shield (Best Landscape) – Alison Cresswell
Ringford Trophy (Best Digital) – Alison Cresswell
Initial Rosebowl (Best Print) – Alec Blackadder

Craigmore Cup (Group 1 Winner) – Alec Blackadder
Tollbooth Cup (Runner Up Group 1) – Alison Cresswell

Stewartry Trophy (Group 2 Winner) – Peter Jordan
Small Ringford Trophy (Runner Up Group 2) – Malcolm Risk

Stewartry Cup (Best Newcomer) – Mike Bannister










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